UPDATE : TYPHOON INC. ACCUSED OF SELLING ILLEGAL WHALE MEAT SUSHIAnother trip to Los Angeles, this time found me dining with a friend at: Typhoon. Located at the Santa Monica Airport, this was the site of yet another memorable meal in LA! Labeled: “LA’s Premiere Pan-Asian Restaurant” on their website. Granted this is the only Pan-Asian restaurant I’ve been to in LA, I have it from a reliable source that this is indeed the best!

The menu at Typhoon is varied & eclectic, very original, and with plenty of choices for any hungry vegan!

It’s hard to say if the potsticker and spring roll wrappers use any egg whites, sometimes that is the case with those papers. You may want to ask your server to find out for you if you plan on ordering one of these items. I did not order an appetizer, so obviously I did not ask!

You will find plenty of vegetable dishes, noodles, rice, soups. But remember, always ask about the base of each soup and sauce, and of course keep in mind that in Thai cuisine, “basil” may include shrimp. Your more adventurous friends may be interested to hear there are all sorts of insects on the menu.

I enjoyed the deep fried tofu – crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. It is not served with veggies, but all it took was one simple question and my tofu was dressed up with some beautiful broccoli.

Grab your chopsticks and bring an empty stomach because you could sit here for hours, watching the planes take off & land, while grazing through several courses of this amazing food.

3221 Donald Douglas Loop South • 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA – 90405
Tel: 310.390.6565 – Fax: 310.390.8032

Hungry Yet??

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