shapeimage_3It’s happened: I’ve finally eaten at Vegan Plate in Sherman Oaks.   http://www.veganplate.com   Choose from dining in, take out or even delivery if you live within 3 miles!

It’s easy to drive right past Vegan Plate, it’s a hole-in-the-wall in a little strip mall on Ventura Blvd.  Keep your eyes open as you’re driving for a “vegan food” sign on the marquis because that’s all the warning you’re going to get for it’s location!  A bonus, though, is the available valet parking – the lot is tiny and it is nice to have someone else worry about the parking.

Friand & I walked in hoping for the best, but we’ve learned to set aside expectations & enter every veg*n experience with an open mind.  The first sensation to strike us was the strong aroma of the Thai kitchen.  We knew this was going to be a difficult lunch decision – opening the all-vegan menu, I realized that I am used to scanning for the 1 or 2 veg*n items not “reading” a menu like any other customer!

The lunch specials were all served with steamed brown rice, veggie spring roll, soup & salad.   Friand ordered the spicy eggplant and I had the green curry.  Both meals were absolutely glorious – the presentation simple, the portions manageable (in fact, I couldn’t even finish my curry!), the spicing perfect, the choices of proteins appropriate (tofu & various soy meats), and the salad?  Wow.  Those who have been following me from Vegas know how I feel about salad… so for me to mention the salad in the review is a big deal (way to go Vegan Plate!).

Someday, when I can access their website I’ll post photos & images, but until then you’ll just have to imagine how beautiful the meals were – colorful & clean composed.  So when in Studio City, be sure to stop at Vegan Plate!  It’s going to take me years to try everything on their menu… (sounds like a challenge!!)

Vegan Plate

11943 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA

Hungry Yet??

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