It’s happened again: a trip to Disneyland as a vegan…  And the verdict?  Same as before:  sucks to be vegan in Disneyland.

We had a huge family reunion of sorts this weekend – my brother, his wife & 18-month old son, my parents, my son, Friand & me – decided a trip to Disneyland might just be a fun way to reconnect after almost a year of being apart.

Again, I went armed with protein bars, this time  Luna as my brand of choice.  I mean, seriously, how could I pass up “Nutz Over Chocolate”??  And knowing that we weren’t going to there much longer than 6 hours, I figured 2 bars would be sufficient to get me through until dinner (at home) that evening.

This time, I admit, I did not do much menu reading.  I didn’t even give Disneyland a chance to redeem itself in my eyes.  I am not normally this closed minded when it comes to dining out, but something about a place claiming to be “The Happiest Place On Earth” feels like a challenge to my personal brand of teenage-angst, and therefore will not get much effort out of me.

At one point, though, I did see a concession stand selling fruit, fruit juices, salads & other “green” looking foodstuffs.  But, like I said, I wasn’t going to give in.  “You’ll never win, Mickey, NEVER!”  In keeping with my disdain for lettuce in general and my long held grumpiness over eating salad or fruit bowls while everyone else is eating full meals, I did not buy a banana from The Mouse.  Fruit is not a *vegan* meal: it’s a snack, it’s a side dish, it’s dessert, it’s a nutritional necessity, but it is not a meal.  And even a banana wouldn’t have boosted my caloric intake enough to perk me up out of my Disney-haze that afternoon.

2 Luna bars, 2 bottles of water, sunburn on my scalp & two trips through “It’s A Small World After All”  (and by “trips” I mean both kind) and I was one hurting vegan.  But, the day ended with us all going out to Hugo’s for a wonderful meal.  And what does The Valley Vegan order when she’s dying of hunger & low blood sugar?  Why a mojito & a Veggie Burger (with lettuce, tomato, avocado, veganaise & Daiya Italian Cheese!!!).   Thanks Hugo’s!  And thanks Friand for taking care of me.

9 thoughts on “The Valley Vegan Does Disney

  1. Hey, random visitor to your blog. I'm a vegan from Australia hanging out in California and Vegas for a couple of weeks and found your blogs. Wonderful reviews and very helpful! I did the Disneyland thing today and for most of the day my experience was much the same as yours. However, when we were on the lookout for dinner we headed over to New Orleans and discovered the Royal Street Veranda's delicious and completely vegan gumbo. I'm not a big eater, but I devoured my meal in about 5 minutes. So good. Give it a shot next time your hungry in the Happiest Place on Earth. :)Thanks again for your helpful blog!

  2. The Blue Bayou will make a vegan meal on request. A delicious, flavorful portobello mushroom over cous cous. It's pricey. But after being on the verge of fainting after not having eaten the whole day, it filled me for the rest of the night.

  3. The Gumbo is awesome…how come you did not know that? It is our veggie family tradition at disneyland. Plus, aren’t the choclate covered bananas vegan?

  4. Also, at the Pizza Port, they will make a great chinese chicken salad without the chicken, and pasta with marinara. IT DOES NOT SUCK TO BE A VEGAN AT DISNEYLAND! Try harder!!
    P.S. Love your blog 🙂

  5. Thanks for your comments, psychlori! I didn’t know about the gumbo because it’s not something I would normally want to eat. I may be vegan, but I’m also an exceptionally picky eater. Gumbo tends to look like a whole lotta things in a bowl, and I am one of those people that eats their food one item at a time & keeps them separated on the plate! I know, weird, but now that I know it’s good, I may give it a try next time.

    Chocolate covered bananas *could* be vegan, but I don’t trust the concession workers to know the ingredients in the chocolate. Could be milk and they would never know.

    I don’t eat salads, though. That’s also a personal preference: I just don’t like lettuce! I know, call me crazy! My husband laughs that we’ve been together now almost 3 years and he has never once seen me eat a salad! Yup. Last time I had one was probably over 5 years ago. LOL!

  6. I won tickets to Disneyland back around 1993 or 1994 and the veggie burger I got there was pretty bad tasting. I actually concluded that the particular restaurant had bad food all around because I noticed kids crying about their food. So, I hope they’ve improved since then, but I don’t bother trying to win amusement park tickets. I try to win gift cards that I can use (or money of course!) I too review meat-based restaurants, but instead of paying out of pocket I win gift cards.

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