There isn’t much to be found on the internet concerning this little restaurant called “Don Cuco” in Burbank, CA.  There is at least a Yelp review page where you’ll find reviews from “threat of zero” to 5 stars.  Not sure where the 5 stars came from… No one in our party enjoyed the meal today.

Friand and I dined with “A” today. Perhaps the whole meal was entered into with a super exaggerated hunger (thanks to a loooong morning on the road with no breakfast) but we were still looking forward to a decent Mexican meal.

We did not get it.

The chips, salsa, and sour cream arrived.  The chips were warm & thin, lightly salted and oh so lovely.  The salsa was nothing spectacular, but at least there was a little peppery kick to it.  Obviously, I was not partaking in the sour cream, but quite frankly, I wasn’t sure what the purpose of a little bowl of sour cream was at this stage…

I looked over the menu to find an abundance of meat, seafood & poultry, and even a few vegetarian dishes.  Really anything can be made vegan, but the trick is to find those items easily made vegan.  Fajita? Burrito?  Enchilada?  Is the cheese such a “star” in the meal that removing it will ruin the meal?  That’s difficult… and that’s where the expertise of your server can be most helpful.

Our server, on the other hand, seemed a little distracted when taking our order, but at least he understood when I ordered the vegetarian burrito and even reinforced the fact that I did not want any dairy.  The only thing he messed up about my order was that I asked for guacamole.  I never got that guac…

My a la carte burrito arrived, sans beans, rice, etc., but covered in a red sauce.  Hm… How to handle the sauce?  My experience at Señor Fred is that the red sauce is a red pepper base, no cream, no dairy. I was willing to take that chance.  Unfortunately, the innards of the burrito were not really worth the daring attitude.  All that was in the burrito was a serious abundance of rice, a few black beans, a couple diced tomatoes and… lettuce??   Not impressed one bit.  The flavor was bland, thankfully the sauce at least added some interest, there was nothing even remotely charming about the burrito, but at least not offensive.

I would be hard pressed to go back to Don Cuco, but at least there is one vegetarian meal, the burrito, that can easily be made vegan.  My guess is that asking for a vegetarian fajita might work, too.  But… my thought is that many meats have been sizzled on those iron griddles.  So fajita is not something I’m willing to tempt.

Don Cuco gets 2 sprouts, so if anyone wants to take you there, it’s not a horrible place to go, but can be a bit disappointing & frustrating.

Don Cuco
3911 W Riverside Dr
BurbankCA 91505

(818) 842-1123

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