Friand and I had the pleasure of one last trip to Vegas to round out our summer travels. We thought it was a little narrowminded of ourselves to just eat at Sensi every single night, so we decided that we would branch out and try some of the other well known & highly regarded restaurants at The Bellagio.

Our first night, we did dine at Sensi. I was not so ambitious this time: I ordered the pad thai, vegetable tempura, and the sonnet-worthy coconut sorbet for dessert. On our third afternoon, we returned to the bar for drinks and appetizers. I failed to acknowledge the fantastic Vegetable Samosas that appear on the bar menu.  Vegans remember to ask for no raita, they will give you either double the chutney or tomato puree. Either one is a treat!!

We dined at two more restaurants in The Bellagio:  Yellowtail and Todd English’s “OLiVES”
Be sure to read the reviews at The Vegas Vegan!!

Review of Sensi

5 Sprouts

Review of Yellowtail

5 sprouts

Review of OLiVES

2 sprouts

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