By now, everyone knows that Friand & I are getting married!  I’ve decided to sprinkle this blog with adventures in wedding planning. This is a second marriage for both of us, so we are attempting to keep this event very low-keyed. The real challenge comes not in planning the details of the short civil ceremony or the party, but in the food. The only thing that Louis & I do different is eat. I am vegan and he is anything but! It makes for fun dining experiences when we are out, experimental cooking in our own kitchen, but now making wedding food planning a bit frustrating.

There will be about 25 guests at the wedding, 3 of which are veg*n. This now brings me to a very important point: the Bride should find something worthwhile to eat at her own wedding! There should be no explaining to caterers or chefs why the Bride wants a wide selection of food appropriate for her eat…right?  RIGHT?

Louis & I are in agreement that yes, I should be satisfactorily fed, but like all other aspects of my veganism, I will not push my food choices on other people. Therefore, I am not planning a vegan wedding, but expect a wide & varied menu which includes several vegan dishes that I can happily eat. I want to be well fed, just like everyone else, and maybe this is a bit Bridezilla of me, but I am the Bride and I expect that above all else *I* will be taken care of on my big day.

We have only just begun our wedding planning – set the date & secured the officiant, but that’s about it. I’ve contacted one caterer here in Los Angeles who appeared to have an exceptionally large selection of menus, anticipating that this would make it easier for me to customize the wedding food. Apparently, this is not the case…

The first correspondence with this manager seemed to confuse him, though he seemed to understand that vegan meant “no meat” he didn’t seem to grasp that this also meant no cheese or fish. After a polite email in response saying that I was expecting 3 choices that were vegan (not lacto-vegetarian) but that the rest of the menu could be anything under the sun, he presented me with a few “vegan” choices. What were those?  Yeah, salads.

The irony here is crushing.

At this point, I haven’t hired this caterer, it was just a shot in the dark to see what a caterer might be able to do for us. I’m not deterred in the least. Just have to keep looking and obviously BE SPECIFIC when dealing with these people!

If anyone has some tips on finding caterers in LA or just planning a “partly-vegan” wedding, please share with me!

2 thoughts on “Tales of a Vegan Bride

  1. I'm vegan and soon to be bride. Hopefully this will help…Perfect Equation Catering, Scott Robbins 626 5295585Everything at my wedding is going to be vegan, down to the cake and jelly beans. Best wishes and good luck, Lauren Kay

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