I often watch that show on The Food Network “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and think to myself: “I don’t have a ‘best thing’…” For whatever reason, the inability to answer this question has left me feeling like a foodie fraud. Like, if I can’t name something that has left me with a food-gasm, then I am not entitled to write about food!

Those days are over! Because not more than an hour ago, I literally ate the best thing I’ve ever eaten. And it seems only appropriate that this dish made its appearance at my favorite restaurant: Hugo’s in Studio City. And also not a surprise that this dish is a dessert!

Sweet Chipotle Sundae: Avocado ice crème (dairy-free, made here) or Tahitian vanilla, topped with sweet chipotle sauce over fried plantains and corn bread. Garnished with chopped candied pistachios.

This sundae had a snowball’s chance in hell of being photographed before we dug in, but we did take a breath & snap a photograph mid-devastation. I think it took Friand & I all of 5 minutes to make short work of this fantastic creation.

I have never, in my life, tasted anything as complex as this dessert. What was it? Cornbread, fried plantains, Avocado ice creme, pistachios & chipotle sauce. I swear, this ingredients list is about to become my new meditation mantra because I cannot get it out of my head!

I admit, this is the first savory sundae I’ve ever had, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, and truly there is no way to describe the immediate rush of pleasure chemicals through my body. Yes, it was a spiritual experience, and my joke about “doing the opposite” of normal brides (who try to lose weight before the wedding) might actually become reality as I eat one of these things every day until the May specials menu expires!

The juxtaposition of the sweet plantains, warm corn bread, crunchy pistachios, cold ice cream and spicy chipotle sauce was magical. It brought out reactions in my body that were unexpected & absolutely fun to experience! Like my brain was trying to wrap itself around the idea of a sundae that didn’t involve chocolate or peanut butter or brownies, and enjoyed deciphering the new information coming in. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the spice & smokiness of the chipotle sauce lingered long after the sundae was gone.

When our server, Chris, returned to our table, Friand almost literally sang the praises of the sundae. Chris was modest as he told us he had a hand in the creation of the sundae. Genius, dear Chris, culinary genius. Someone give that man a toque.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Sweet Chipotle Sundae at Hugo’s Restaurant, Studio City, California

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