moslogoSometimes I think I’m going senile. When Friand suggested we take my parents, who are visiting from Las Vegas this weekend, to Mo’s in Toluca Lake I looked up the menu online like a good little vegan and gave my approval. Driving up to the restaurant on Riverside Drive it all came rushing back in a flood: “I’ve been here!” Uh, duh, Lisa, nice brain.

I ate at Mo’s over a year ago and had a very delicious grilled vegetable sandwich off the lunch menu. As we settled at our table, I decided that there was nothing I wanted more than to try one of their veggie burgers. On the menu, there is a veggie burger listed among the burgers. I didn’t realize, though, that it does say at the top of the page that you can substitute a veggie patty for any burger on the menu. Whoa! Well, if you are a lacto-vegetarian, this becomes a very exciting world of options. Me? I really was just dying for something as simple as lettuce, tomato, pickles & ketchup and a side of their sweet potato fries.

Normally, if there is cross contamination, my stomach is exceptionally sensitive to meat contamination, exactly the same as I suffer with lactose intolerance. But there was no problem last night. I’m so excited to add Mo’s to my list of great veggie burger joints!

I was a little disappointed in the sweet potato fries: they were a little soggy and I was thankful that there was a salt shaker on the table because they were a little bland in that regard. But, they filled that need to have fries with my burger, so who can complain? I’ll just remember to order their signature curly fries next time.

Veg*ns of all types you should definitely “eat at Mo’s” if you’re in the mood for a burger. The menu is not very vegetarian friendly – in fact, there isn’t a single vegetarian entree on there, but the vegetable sandwich is a good one, the burgers are great, and if that’s not enough to distract you from the lack of veg*n options then order a mojito. Those things are off the hook!!

Mo’s Fine Food

4301 Riverside Drive, Burbank CA 91505

Hungry Yet??

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