diabloFor weeks, Friand has been dying to go to Diablo in Silver Lake, CA. I would catch him on my computer scrolling through the menu and checking out the food photos. It’s not that people in the household were resistant, just a little disinterested. Another taco place? Finally, we decided to give in and take him to Diablo.

Stone IPA on tap

Stone IPA on tap

It’s a fantastically intriguing location: a corner building, brick face with huge wood windows framed by steel and giant rivets. The decor is nothing less than what you’d expect from a place with a name like Diablo: dark grey painted walls, distressed brick, silver seats and heavy wood tables. So stylish, I was anticipating a great experience.

And that’s exactly what we got! Some fantastic beer (I had the Stone IPA) to start out our evening, we took our seats and waited for our food to be delivered. On the menu, there are actually two vegetarian tacos, one vegan burrito, several salads, sides and even three of the four sauces are vegan!

Friand actually ordered the Hen of the Woods taco, which I would venture to guess could easily be made vegan if you asked. I had a slight temptation to snag a mushroom from the taco before he dug in, but the aioli was well dispersed and I probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid it. Kudos on making something that at the very last tempted me!

There was no question what I was going to eat: I ordered the vegan burrito. It took a little while to get to me, so I appreciated that the waitress was exceptionally quick to remedy the situation. It is hard to watch everyone eat while you wait for your food, but once I dug into that delicious creation, all was forgotten!

Vegan Burrito

Vegan Burrito

There are times when you order the “Vegan” dish from a menu and, well, it’s just a bunch of veggies and rice thrown together. But Diablo gets it: vegans like food, too. And something as well composed as this burrito might actually fool an omni into thinking they were eating a chicken burrito! The tempeh was perfectly cooked (not charred or cold) and quite frankly the use of plain soy tempeh was the perfect choice that didn’t compete with the other flavors in the tortilla. The black bean puree was smokey and dark, while the Berserker sauce was spicy enough to burn my lips but not to distract from the very complex flavors. I was delighted to discover that the burrito wasn’t bulked up with excessive rice (in fact, there was not a grain of rice to be found!), but instead relied on diced potatoes, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, pickled onions, avocado and cilantro to carry the dish.

In a word: fantastico!

As I said before, it’s not often you get a vegan dish that’s an actual culinary masterpiece and not something thrown together to get the vegan order out of the way. The executive chef, Angel, even made and appearance at our table, which is always a treat! From one artist to another, it’s great to see someone who takes pride in their work.

Hen of the Woods Taco

Hen of the Woods Taco

Diablo comes HIGHLY recommended! It’s a fun night out with friends or family. Even my very picky 11-year old found something to eat. The feeling that you can get up, walk back to the bar to order food or drinks at your own whim, is a super hip touch. Nominate your designated driver, try a few micro-brews and keep the tacos rolling in!

Diablo gets 2 super enthusiastic thumbs up and a bouquet of 5 sprouts!



3129 W. Sunset Blvd. | Los Angeles | California | 90026 | (323) 666-4666

Parking lot located on corner of Sunset and Descanso

One thought on “Diablo

  1. Food is amazing .. we were not disappointed with our menu choices. Great service, nice mixture of patrons and Angel the Chef knows his craft very well. My 7 year old loved her Bison taco, corn on the Cobb and fruit salad made with pineapple, jicama, cucumbers and raddishes drizzled with lime and a hint of chile.
    Looking forward to a nice Valentine Dinner!

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