Veggie Grill, Encino CA

Veggie Grill, Encino CA

[Full disclosure: we were invited to dine at Veggie Grill and enjoyed a meal gratis in exchange for a review]

Have you heard? There’s a brand new Veggie Grill in Encino! And I had an invitation to go check it out! So I headed on over with my friend Joanne for lunch last week.

First, one thing I rarely comment on, is accessibility and parking. I tend to have minor freak outs when I know I’m going somewhere on Ventura mostly because I worry about parking. On street? Valet? Lot? Garage? What? WHAT?! As luck would have it, there’s a great parking lot right behind the building, with free valet and everything. Get your parking ticket validated – your first hour is free. I’m never sure if you’re supposed to tip on “free valet” service. Don’t answer that right away: they just handed me my keys and pointed to my car, so forget it. No tip.

"J" and I in front of the new Veggie Grill!

J and I in front of the new Veggie Grill!

The place itself is great! Bright, airy and totally hip. And there’s no question about “where to go” when you walk in the door. You are pointed right at the ordering line and greeted by some of the friendliest servers you will ever meet. We were handed over to Manager Anthony Blanset, and from there the adventure began!

We settled into our seats near the front windows with an amazing view of the wildlife on Ventura. What happened next, is pretty much a big bright blur. Thankfully, we have photographic and video evidence!

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Veggie Grill, 16542 Ventura Blvd, Encino


I now present to you: The Valley Vegan’s Very First Video Review, filmed by none other than Joanne!!! Please Enjoy!!

[Full disclosure: we were invited to dine at Veggie Grill and enjoyed a meal gratis in exchange for a review]




Crispy Chick'n w/Buffalo Sauce

Crispy Chick’n w/Buffalo Sauce

Sweetheart Fries

Sweetheart Fries


All Hail Kale Salad

All Hail Kale Salad

Thai Salad

Thai Salad

Kid’s Meal

Kid's Chick'n Fingers Meal

Kid’s Chick’n Fingers Meal


Bali Bliss w/Portabello and Avocado

Bali Bliss w/Portabello and Avocado

Santa Fe Crispy Chick'n

Santa Fe Crispy Chick’n

"Crab" Cake

“Crab” Cake






Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Pudding Parfait

Chocolate Pudding Parfait





7 thoughts on “Veggie Grill

  1. It’s almost lunch and I wish I was closer to the Grill so I could try the Thai Chicken Salad, the mashed cauli/potatoes … oh, and everything else. Sounds great.

    • Seriously, just close your eyes and throw a dart at the menu, because everything (and I mean *everything*) is out of this world delicious! I have tried just about everything on their menu and it’s all great!

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  3. I would try the “All Hail Kale Salad” or the “Thai Salad.” Dessert: Carrot Cake [love carrot cake even tho I’m allergic to nuts (I pick them out, but don’t eat much bc of allergy reason)…]. Would also try the Crab Cakes since it’s vegan… because I’m allergic to Shell-fish. 🙂 -Isabel

    • I have to admit, both salads were amazing and I don’t normally like salads. They were hearty and complicated. The Carrot Cake was amazing! I’m sure… if you asked, there would be a way to avoid the nuts on top. They seem very willing and capable to accommodate many dietary restrictions.

      Also, my husband LOVES the crab cakes! It’s the thing he gets every time we go, and he can’t get enough of them!!

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