beyondmeatIt’s time for a giveaway!! Beyond Meat has provided coupons and other little trinkets to giveaway.

See those little cows? Aren’t they cute? They’re key chains. Bet one would look great on your set. And so many stickers for your car, your computer, or even your forehead. But most important, there are coupons (coupons with recipes).

I have 10 coupons to giveaway to 10 lucky readers whose names I’ll draw randomly on March 30. And here’s all you have to do:

1) Like Beyond Meat on Facebook and tell them “The Valley Vegan Sent Me!”

2) Leave a comment here on the blog (NOT on The Valley Vegan Facebook page) telling me why you love Beyond Meat or why you want someone you love to try either the Chicken-free Strips or the Beef-free Crumbles.

3) Subscribe to this blog! The first 10 new subscribers will automatically be entered into the drawing for a FREE package of Beyond Meat and a cow key chain! bymt_lightlyseasoned_nutritional_new

Long time readers of this blog (and all the blogs that came before it) know that I hate fake meat. HATE.IT. I have always said that fake meats are not for long time vegans; why would we replace something we don’t miss? But my attitude has been changing dramatically in the last few months. Why? I think most importantly there are better products out there to choose from. Beyond Meat is the first “grilled” chicken-free strips that actually taste good. Do they taste like chicken? I don’t know. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten any chicken (we’re talking decades here, folks) that I just don’t know what chicken tastes like anymore. My cat, though, eats it, so if that’s any indication. I do know that they are savory and taste great and although they are fantastic used in wraps or pastas or salads (or whatever!), I just eat them straight out of the pan on the end of a fork.

My son, who is 12 now, doesn’t eat much. He is super picky. Is he vegan? No. But does he eat like any normal person? No. So when he asks me specifically for something, I give it to him. He loves Beyond Meat grilled chicken-free strips. I add them to most of his meals these days, so I go through A LOT of Beyond Meat.

Word to the wise: hurry up and enter the giveaway, he’s already eyeballing one of the cow key chains.

BeyondMeat_Package_Nutritionals_web_BeefyHonestly, I think the future of meat is faux meat. Recently, a lot of non-vegans are looking more to vegan meats as a healthy and viable option. Still too many people are turned off by the tired notion of vegan food; someone who might otherwise enjoy a meat free meal a couple times a week fears the stigma of being caught eating vegan food. So they pass it up in the grocery store every time. But what if they had a chance to actually try something they might like? And what if you were the one to inspire them to do it?

With so many delicious options (the grilled versions are important to promote since people assume grilled = healthy) there’s no excuse any more for choosing meat over faux meat. So when you win one of these coupons, give it to a friend or family member who has been on the fence about trying vegan meats. The coupons come with a recipe, so be sure to specify in your comment whether you’d like the chicken-free strips or beef-free crumbles! You may just change someone’s mind about what Going Vegan! actually means. Do it for your health. Do it for the animals. Do it for the planet.

If you can change just one person’s mind, you can change the world!

19 thoughts on “Beyond Meat Giveaway!

  1. I LOVE Beyond Meat because even my meat-eating man loves them, which means we can both eat the same dinner! I have never been a fan of fake meats, but Beyond Meat is totally changing the game – delicious AND good for you AND tastes like chicken? What! I can now make my mom’s old recipes that I miss from childhood without compromising my veganism and health!

    • I LOVE the fact that I can substitute Beyond Meat into my son’s meals. He really likes the fact that it’s “fake” and tells everyone that he doesn’t eat meat anymore. I love it!!

    • I haven’t seen the crumbles yet, so I’m still waiting for the chance to try them! I’ve never been able to eat other brands of beef-like crumbles because of the gluten, so this is exciting for me to finally get my hands on! Report back when you do find them!!

    • Nothing like winning over our spouses! My husband LOVES eating vegan meals at home. So much so, now he’s actually seeking out vegan restaurants and vegan food when we’re shopping. It’s so nice to share this with the ones we love. 🙂

    • Ooh! I’ve been dying for some soup. That’s a great idea! What do you use for the broth? My homemade veggie broths sometimes get a little weak flavored… so I often make a tomato based soup. Any suggestions for me?

      • You can use Massel Bouillion powders. They are vegan, and also gluten free, I think. You can order online from Vegan Essentials and Amazon

  2. I am new at becoming a vegan and have tried other meat-less products and nothing compares to Beyond Meat!
    Beyond meat sure makes it easier for me! Thank you for existing!

    • The easiest way to transition into new vegan territory is to start replacing the meats in the meals you already know and love! I wish Beyond Meat had existed 24 years ago when I went veg, it would have made things a lot easier. I’m happy now, though, that anyone who comes to me asking for advice I can actually give them a suggestion that tastes great!

      Stay in touch with your new veganism! The more vegans you know and talk to and surround yourself with, the more successful you’ll be. Most of my vegan friends are on the internet, as there are so few around me in my real life. But they have been absolute lifelines for me!

  3. I don’t have Facebook so I hope this’ll count….
    But I have a severe case of gastroparesis, which means I MUST eat low fat. Plus, I follow a gluten/dairy/egg-free diet, so finding low fat meat substitutes is terrible. Tofu Pups, anyone?

    I’d love to be able to have ground beef again, and I’ve heard that Beyond Meat is allergy-friendly! I’d also love the chicken strips, as chicken is a pain in the ass to prepare when you’re in a college dorm. All around, Beyond Meat sounds beyond believable!
    Haha, I give them permission to use that for their next campaign.

    • I do know that Beyond Meat is gluten free, and although I don’t have any “official” gluten intolerances, boy do I feel better not eating it. Most meat substitutes are gluten based, so this is a breath of fresh air to find a fun fake meat that doesn’t make me sick! Good luck to you, and you WILL love the chicken strips!!

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