I cannot believe it: I just ate a vegan gluten-free pizza that was delivered straight to my door! Normally, it’s just vegan pizza, so imagine my excitement when I read the online menu for NoHo Pizza & Grill and spotted both a vegan and gluten-free option. I decided to press my luck and click the “Traditional Pizza (Gluten Free Crust) and see if I could build a vegan pie. Sure enough, just click on “vegan cheese” and you’re all set! Just to be safe, I also left a note in the comments that I expected a completely vegan pizza.

photo 1And what should arrive on my doorstep a mere 30 minutes later? An actual gluten free vegan pizza! Yes! It’s possible!

Look at that little beauty! I built my own pizza with artichokes, tomatoes, red onion, green peppers and mushrooms. And… Daiya vegan cheese!

Unfortunately, the gluten free crust only comes in the “large” size which instantly adds $2 to your order. Once you start lopping on the veggies at $1.50 each, your pizza can get a little pricey. Just for comparison, my son’s 12″ pizza only cost $10.20 while mine cost a whopping $23.45. Yeah, you read that right. That is super pricey.

But, putting aside the price, was it worth it? All that extra dough for gluten free dough and vegan cheese? I think so. And the large pizza also means that I have 1/2 a pie sitting in my fridge for me to eat at a later time. Or … will at least be there when Friand gets the munchies later tonight!

photo 2In fact, one of the most thoughtful touches of the order also had to be photographed because it was just too good to be true. There were no parmesan cheese packets added to my pizza box! That’s a lot of forethought on the part of whoever packed up the boxes. Great thinking: the vegan doesn’t want any cheese, so don’t put any cheese packets. Good for you, NoHo Pizza!

The pizza itself was delicious. So often I find that “vegan pizzas” are kinda dull, a little too “vegetable heavy” and not quite like the familiar traditional pizzas of our omnivorous pasts. But this was great! Just enough sauce and cheese, the right amount of veggies, and a thin crust that actually held its shape when approaching your face. It’s the most reminiscent of a traditional pizza that I have come across to date.

What about the gluten-free crust? I think it was fantastic. I could not tell the difference in taste or texture from a regular crust with the exception that the bones were a little crunchier than a regular crust. No biggie. Next time order a little extra marinara sauce (or have some of your own handy) for dipping. Or better yet… make your own vegan buffalo wing sauce and bleu cheese dip.

The beauty of being able to order a pizza from NoHo Pizza & Grill is that if you have a large crowd at your house, you can discreetly place your order alongside everyone else – no need for the “weird vegan” to order from a different place, or for their pizza to be the weird cheeseless blob set off to the side. The less attention focused on the vegan in the room, the better we all feel. It looks and smells like everyone else’s, so just be ready to defend your meal from snitches!!

It’s also worth noting that there is a veggie burger on the menu, though it comes with Monterrey Jack cheese, I’m assuming that with the right “notes” in the comment section, you would be able to replace that with vegan cheese as well. You may want to call to place that order, or at the very least mention in the comments that you expect a phone call (remember to put your number) if there is going to be a problem with substituting the cheese.

By all means, indulge in pizza delivery from NoHo Pizza & Grill. I would recommend placing the order through Eat24, as I find the actual website, especially the menu, to be a bit disorganized. Go to Eat24 to view the menu otherwise you’ll never be able to figure out what they actually offer.

NoHo Pizza & Grill gets 5 sprouts!

(818) 766-1106

11300 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601



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