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Marry Me

Enjoy FEARLESS vegan dining! These restaurants have friendly & knowledgeable service, creative chefs & delicious food. There are already several vegan items to choose from on the menu, or the chef will prepare you something amazing off menu!! Call ahead & challenge the chef.

<b>4 Sprouts</b>

Veg*n Friendly

You may have to ask to modify menu items by asking for no meat or dairy. There may even be a couple vegetarian (or even vegan!) items already on the menu, though it is usually possible to receive something off-menu if you call ahead!

<b>3 Sprouts</b>

If you can’t be at the one you love, then love the one you’re at

Not a problem. Just be prepared to have something less than exciting – or possibly be the one suggesting alternatives to the waiter. But, if everyone wants to eat there, then don’t be afraid to go with them.

<b>2 Sprouts</b>

Wouldn’t kill me to be nice to my friends who wanted to eat there

Eat a small snack before you go. Eating at one of these places may leave you feeling less than satisfied as you munch on pasta, salad and bread, while everyone else eats a full size meal.

<b>1 Sprout</b>

….not even if the survival of the human race depended on me eating there…

Run for your life! You won’t find anything to eat except bread or fruit. So don’t be afraid to turn down invitations to go to these places or offer a better solution – like a 2 sprout restaurant…

Retracted Sprouts as of September 2012: Fraiche (Santa Monica)

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