I’m always happy to be able to spread the word about new menu items, new locations and new restaurants around Los Angeles!

Most press releases get jumbled in with the regular blog stream, but here are the links for easy reference:

Chipotle LGBT Ad.indd

Chipotle Introduces New Sofritas (6/3/13)

In June 2013, we received a press release regarding the introduction of the New Sofritas Option on the Chipotle Menu here in Southern California. It’s exciting to watch the sofritas make their way across the country now. But you can say you tasted them here first!

VG Logo 2 Color CMYK with DSHADOW 20130122



Veggie Grill Goes Mobile (12/12/13)

The easy-to-use “Veggie Grill Love” app is designed to reward loyal fans and provide convenience and accessibility for the on-the-go guest.

Veggie Grill Debuts New Mindful Living Menu (1/20/14)

Veggie Grill, the popular fast-casual restaurant concept known for its craveable vegetarian food, is excited to debut its new Mindful Living menu!  The menu highlights better-for-you options that are nutrient – and protein-dense and lower in calories without sacrificing great taste.

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